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The Gift Series- Your LIFE is a Gift

The Gift Series- Your LIFE is a Gift

Last week we talked about how our LOVE is a gift. I shared the story of opening our 100 child home in India.  Following the story, many innocently replied “I wish I had the money to be able to do that too.”

Often times we lose sight of the simple fact that our LOVE is a gift. One of the greatest gifts we can offer to others is free–the gift of time spent. Time is the currency of relationships.

Over the weekend, I really challenged myself in this way too. I was invited to a Gingerbread House Competition by my sisters Katie and Emily.…

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The Gift Series–Your Love is a gift

“The Gift” Series–Your Love is a Gift


This month I am starting a series on the blog called “The Gift”. During December society places so much focus on giving material gifts–I want us to focus on the gifts we can give to others through sharing our lives, and our love. When we live with purpose, and on purpose–I believe that success follows. In fact, when Phil and I committed to increase our giving this year (through opening our orphanage and giving to many different ministries and projects), all of our businesses were accelerated and grew exponentially in 2014–and aside from giving more, we didn’t do anything different this year (don’t get me wrong–we’ve always worked hard though!) I firmly believe when you bless others you will be blessed.…

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Sarah Robbins Holiday Sales and Sponsoring Training

Hey there Rock Stars,

Would you like to put some extra “jingle” in your pocket this holiday season? Building your network marketing business during this time of year can be fun, festive, and extremely profitable! Check out the following video (and share it with your team) to learn my seasonal success secrets to  ROCK YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS this holiday season=>

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Rockin Robbins Great Gratitude Giveaway!

Rockin Robbins Great Gratitude Giveaway!


I have an extreme attitude o’ gratitude today! Its a really BIG day! We just celebrated 125,000 members on our Facebook Fan Page, I’m  launching my business into Canada (and it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, eh!), we made our $100,000 goal to open up our orphanage this December (but we are still raising money here to do more, and give more, so we can change more little lives), plus it’s my mom’s big birthday (who was the top donor for this project)–and I suppose we can give a shout for good ole’ Columbus Day too!

To show our gratitude, we are offering up our annual “Great Gratitude Giveaway”!…

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Network Marketing Coaching and Goal Setting

Network Marketing Coaching and Goal Setting

Most people are overwhelmed when they bring on a new distributor. They don’t know how to properly coach them, stay in touch with them, lead them, and set goals with them. I used to feel this way too. Through professional development I’ve learned how to develop leaders, and help top leaders to continue to advance up the ranks with monthly accountability and goal setting–and they do the same with their team. Today I want to teach you how. (*note, if you’re new, and a “team of one”…you can use the goal setting sheet below today’s video to help yourself set goals, and track your progress.…

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My 65 Pound Weight Loss Journey

My 65 Pound Weight Loss Journey (and how it relates to business)…

sarah robbins weight loss journey

As I write this I have tears in my eyes. I have battled my weight for over 10 years–and while some would conclude this statement with “…and I finally won”,  I would instead say, “I am winning every day”. I will never be done eating healthy, exercising, and disciplining myself to healthy habits daily. Truth be told, I’d like to lose about ten more pounds–but for the first time in a long time, I can say that I’m content with where I am at on my journey, and know that I will get there–with time, and daily discipline.…

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Back To School With Sarah Robbins, Social Media Training

Back to School With Sarah Robbins Social Media Training

Hey there rock stars! Kids are back in school- we are more focused on our business than ever before! It’s like a whole new year in the network marketing world! I’ve been spending time refreshing and revisiting my list–and have plans to recruit like a rock star this fall! One of the primary ways that I LOVE to generate leads is through social media…

Social media is not the only way, but rather a way to power prospect for new customers and distributors! Remember-nothing takes the place of bringing the conversation offline to tell them more about your business or product, but it is a great way to start up a conversation.…

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Plan a ROCKIN Retreat For Your Team- Team Retreat Ideas

how to plan a direct sales team retreat

How to Plan a ROCKIN Retreat For Your Team- Team Retreat Ideas for Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM and all sales teams:

Hey there rock stars, Sarah “Rockin” Robbins here–we just came off of one of the best weekends with our rockstars– a weekend retreat for our top leaders at the lake homes of myself and my mom Kris (who is also a top leader in our company!) This retreat was one of the best investments we could make in our leaders–as we all grew in belief, and spent a great deal of time brainstorming and bonding. Many remarked that it was the best experience they’ve had in business so far–and I’d have to agree!…

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The Why Behind The What – Knowing Your Reason WHY in Network Marketing

The Why Behind the What– The Importance Of Knowing Your Reason “WHY” in Network Marketing

One of the most important exercises you can do as you begin your business (and as you begin new partners in business) is to identify your “Reason Why”. What is driving you emotionally to develop a successful business?   Your “why” is your long term vision for success in your business.

Let me ask you a few questions: If time and money were no issue, how would your life look?   Where would you live? What would you drive? What would you do with your time? Would you have any debt?…

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Networking Tips For Those Who Don’t Like Networking

Networking Tips for Network Marketing Professionals

Does the thought of networking make you want to crawl in a hole and cry? Are you shy? Afraid to talk to people? Maybe you don’t know the first thing to say when networking? Watch this brief video for networking tips and my story on how I went from being a shy teacher to a 7-figure earner in my profession…then read below for today’s blog with more ideas!

Don’t forget to “Share” with your ROCK STARS!

 The #1 thing people feel comfortable talking about is themselves. And the easiest thing to do in conversation is ask questions.…

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